Thank you to Claude for the great job troubleshooting and repairing our water pump and heat pump system. Claude was familiar with the system, he quickly analysed the problem and got to the solution. Best of all he kept me well informed by explaining what he was doing and why. Don’t ever let him retire. He is my heat and water man!

Jerry G.

Sometimes first impressions fall short of expectation. And other times they supersede one’s expectation. I want to take this time to voice my appreciation for the awesome service I received from your employees back in September 2015.

I received my invoice in the mail for work that was previously performed at my house in Bouctouche. I’m sure that not many customers are happy to see a $2000 invoice come in the mail, and looking forward to paying it but I was very happy to promptly pay my invoice.

Working in customer services myself for the past 30 years, and knowing how important it is to build strong relationships with customers, I can honestly say that you’ve exceeded all my expectations.

I’m one of these customers that is very vocal when receiving bad customer service. I’m also equally vocal when receiving excellent service,  and this is what happened to me when Norm Richard and Danny Johnson came and worked on my Nordic geothermal heat pump, duct work, etc.

They are to be commended for their fast, courteous,  friendly service, and well as their professionalism.

Please share my thoughts with Norm and Danny,  and kudos to them both for their excellent service.

G.L. Caissie Ltd.,  is very well represented.

Bernice LeBlanc, Bouctouche N.B.

I would like to thank you for the awesome job Matt and his apprentice did. I have health problems and need my water. I was so amazed by the speedy response to fix my burst water pump. And even fixed my outside tap upon request at the same time. Was more then happy to answer any questions I had. And did the job just perfect. Not only did the job get done I was treated like a friend. What a awesome way to run a business. You guys are awesome. Thanks a bunch.

D. Pothier, N.B.

We wanted to highlight the good service we received from Julien in the paint department. He is very helpful and went out of his way to advise us on paint selections.

Thanks again, Julien.

M. Thébeau, Richibucto N.B.

That Claude Vautour sure did a nice job at my house. He was good and fast and didn’t waste any time. Piping was nice and straight.

Thank you G.L. Caissie Ltd. for sending him to repair my plumbing!

Sam Kenny, Jardineville N.B.

It’s during the year 2000 that I undertook the project of building my ecologic house.  Building an ecologic house means “innovation” and sometimes new ideas mean a lot of ingenuity. When I asked G.L. Caissie Ltd to be a part of my project, they accepted without hesitation and thanks to G.L. Caissie Ltd it was a wonderful experience.

In the year 2014 I had technical challenges with the fresh air control on my Temp Cast (Foyer Masse). Because of this fresh air problem I was unable to use my fireplace for most of the winter of year 2014. This resulted in high electric heating bills and I unable to make my tasty wood oven baked pizza and entertain my family and friends in this lovely ambiance. It was a long winter! I told myself “this is the last winter I spent without my Temp Cast” so I called G.L. Caissie Ltd to see if they could solve my problem once and for all. After a few site visits and conversations with them, their team prepared an action plan to design a make-up fresh air from outdoors to improve  fire combustion to my Temp Cast in a safe manner, to install a control on my chimney top and make my fire door nice and gasket tight.

This winter, every time I open my fireplace to add wood I think of the nice work G.L. Caissie Ltd has done for me. My nicest Christmas gift this year was to light my fireplace and entertain my friends and family with the nice wood heat and prepare them a nice oven cooked pizza from my wood oven.

Thank you G.L. Caissie for the lovely winter I’m having and thank you for always having a solution and offering such a good service while doing this.

Claude Vautour
Claude V., Aldouane N.B.

Make sure you don’t lose this Eddy Guimond fella! He did a great job fixing our oil furnace.

Valmond Richard, Pointe Sapin N.B.

I just want to thank G. Caissie and Cory Mazerolle for repairing our electric furnace. He took the time to explain how the system works and did a real good job.

Marge Gallagher, Rexton N.B.

Cory did a fantastic job at our house repairing our Mini Split Heat Pump. He was on time, clean and did good work. Thanks to Cory and G.L. Caissie for the good service.

Wilmond Mckintyre, Hardwick N.B.

Thank you very much for the good service in repairing my Fujitsu Mini Slit heat pump.

Maurice L., Portage de St Louis N.B.