Sometimes first impressions fall short of expectation. And other times they supersede one’s expectation. I want to take this time to voice my appreciation for the awesome service I received from your employees back in September 2015.

I received my invoice in the mail for work that was previously performed at my house in Bouctouche. I’m sure that not many customers are happy to see a $2000 invoice come in the mail, and looking forward to paying it but I was very happy to promptly pay my invoice.

Working in customer services myself for the past 30 years, and knowing how important it is to build strong relationships with customers, I can honestly say that you’ve exceeded all my expectations.

I’m one of these customers that is very vocal when receiving bad customer service. I’m also equally vocal when receiving excellent service,  and this is what happened to me when Norm Richard and Danny Johnson came and worked on my Nordic geothermal heat pump, duct work, etc.

They are to be commended for their fast, courteous,  friendly service, and well as their professionalism.

Please share my thoughts with Norm and Danny,  and kudos to them both for their excellent service.

G.L. Caissie Ltd.,  is very well represented.