Whether you need back up power for your home during harsh winters in Atlantic Canada, you want to be fully prepared in the event of a blackout, or you simply want to enjoy outdoor activities, a generator is a valuable investment.

Why choose Honeywell Generators?

  • The new Honeywell generator home standby line is the most innovative in the marketplace.
  • 24/7 customer care for help from Honeywell anytime, day or night, seven days a week.
  • Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring lets you monitor your home and standby generator via web, email or text through MobileLinkGen.com

Select the right generator for your lifestyle.

Backup Generators

When choosing backup power for your home or business, an automatic standby generator is a safer, easier and far more reliable solution than a portable generator. Select the right size for your lifestyle.

Sizing Chart

Portable Generators

When a situation requires quiet, portable power, like camping, tailgating or events, a fully enclosed, lightweight Honeywell inverter generator is the ideal solution. Find out how many watts you need.

Wattage Chart

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